Third Party Reviews

Michelle Brassfield | October 10, 2018 |

"Best place for my son. Never leaves hair not cut and always a smile."

khris wright | August 27, 2018 |

"Superb Atmosphere with friendly employees! Always stellar customer service! Love being able to check in online. Recommend to all my friends!!"

Andrew Sturz | August 29, 2018 |

"Very disappointed with my haircut. The hair stylist didn't even use a scissors. I have a pretty simple hair cut finger length on top and my hair length is all over place after the cut. Seeing I have a wedding this weekend I have to go to another place to fix what they did at sports clips. Will never go back. For the price it is not worth it you can get your hair cut for half the price some place else."

Kristina Phernetton | August 20, 2018 |

"Absolutely love this location!!! I originally had stopped at the sports clips located on Clairemont over by the West Ridge Center and let me tell you what the staff there including that woman who I'm assuming is the manager since I ask for a manager and that's who spoke up although they were all sitting in there not doing anything treated me like garbage over my questions on a coupon but I've gotten in the mail for Sports Clips. I am so happy my son and I decided to go 2 a different location, yes we left the Clairemont location and did not do business there, but we did go over to the one by the mall and I'm forever grateful that we did we will not go anywhere else going forward. The stylus to work on my son's hair is absolutely phenomenal!!! She is very very good at what she does and you can tell she is very passionate as well. In fact from what I could see all of the staff at the Oakwood location are very passionate about what they do you can just feel good Positive Vibes when you go in here. My son's actually already gone back a second time but he is sticking with Kayla as a stylist and the reason for that is on our second visit my son showed a picture of the hairstyle he wanted which also consisted of a design line in hair kind of by the ear. When when I brought my son in this time he originally was going to have the first available stylist instead of waiting for Kayla who was the girl that did his hair the first time he went in there but when it was his turn and he showed the stylist that brought him back the Hair Design he wanted the hair stylist that had him was comfortable enough insane she didn't know how to do the line like my son was requesting. I think the fact that she was honest that she didn't do those specialty haircuts, I don't even know what to call them truthfully, but the fact that she was honest notify the only stylist there that could do that hairstyle was Kayla. So was that information is why my son decided to just stay with Kayla :-) but she really really does do a good job and the rest of the staff there is just as skilled as her and they definitely take care of all of their clients. My youngest son who has long hair loved his Big Brother's new haircut so much it inspired him after a long time of not cutting his hair to finally get a haircut :-) we look forward to going in to Sports Clips over by Oakwood Mall and having Kayla cut my youngest son's hair. Because of course just like big brother he wants a design line also, the extra fee you pay for that is totally worth it the kids love it. Oh and of course I can't forget to mention my husband also was very impressed with our oldest son's haircut and also the wonderful service he received as did we will we waited so my husband has decided to go here for his haircuts going forward as well. I am so grateful we decided to go to the location by the mall instead of not going after having that horrible treatment from the sports clips staff over by the West Ridge Center on Clairemont. I literally almost decided that Sports Clips would never receive my family's business again because of how poorly we were treated over on Clairemont, but like I said I decided to take a Gamble and stop at another location hoping the way we were treated wasn't the norm and I'm happy to say it most definitely isn't . And I am so glad that I brought my son to the second location. the staff at the location by the mall has got you 3 new forever clients that you otherwise wouldn't have had"

Sundeep Bojedla | August 16, 2018 |

"Rude service, poor cut. Won’t be coming back."

Brian Castro | August 13, 2018 |

"I walked in at 1:15 PM and there were 3 other people waiting. No big deal, but unknown to me, there were 10 online reservations that superseded me. At 1:45 PM, after a bunch of people came in and got called ahead of me, I finally asked why, and was told they had all placed online reservations ahead of me. So now, if I want my haircut in a timely fashion, I have to register online, without knowing how many walk ins are waiting at the shop itself, in order to get a haircut in a timely fashion? I gave the girl at the counter my punch card with 4 punches in it and told her that I and my son are never coming back. If you want a simple haircut, I would recommend going somewhere else, because not only is the particular Sport Clips slower than molasses, (not to mention an entire new staff every time I visited for a hair cut) that unless you register online, you will wait at least 45 minutes to 1 hour for a haircut.. Huge waste of time and I lost my entire lunch hour waiting for a haircut, that according to the board, was still 16 minutes away when I left. Who wants to wait an hour for a hair cut?"

mike cassman | July 15, 2018 |

"Haircut and massage were very nice.very friendly staff"

David Schock | July 19, 2018 |

"Nice place nice people"

Scott Richard | June 27, 2018 |

"Flippen sweet"

TERA ELLISON | June 06, 2018 |

"My son feels pampered when he comes for his haircuts. His stylist, Justine, does a superb job cutting and making the overall experience fun for him!"